Margie Walker, Author
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By Amazon Customer on May 7, 2014
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This book is very well done, a town with lots of history! Love that there are lots of photos in this - you never know who will come from a small town!
Great job.
By Nancy on March 27, 2014
I loved it. It is great to see how the town has progressed over the years. A job well done.

" I received this book from Goodreads First Reads in exchange for an honest review.

I found this book to be a delightfully charming book. It's more of a coffee-table book instead of a sit-down book, all nonetheless beautifully put together and full of treasuring photos that were fun to skim through. The author briefly graces over memorable locals, famous individuals that worked their way into fame, and small-town hero's that all deserve to be noticed for what they've done. I enjoyed this book, even though, quiet honestly, I had no idea Amesbury town existed. " — Natalie Crowe
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By Ron Fuller on August 25, 2014
Verified Purchase
great mix of past, present people who have been a part of the town

This is my sixty-first book that I have received and read from Goodreads. This book Legendary Locals of Amesbury I found to be really interesting. I enjoyed reading the different sections History, Business, Culture, Military, Public Service, and Community by Margie Walker. I was amazed at the amont of research and pictures that the author was able to come up with from the town of Amesbury. I found the military and public service sections really interesting. The reasons for military I spent Four years active duty and twenty-six years in the Air National Guard. I also spent twenty-seven as a firefighter for my hometown. The pictures and the people that made Amesbury the town it is makes you think of your home town and the history behind it. The club's that individuals formed and the religious groups and denominations. Great book
I would like to thank Marge Walker for signing my book and for sending me personal card of thanks. Good luck on writing future books. I will be watching for your next book. 
David Duncan